Before you buy Amazon Kindle ebook

Yesterday, I buy the same ebook on Amazon three times.

It totally cost me U$ 29.97 (each U$ 9.99). It’s really painful.

This is because after I installed and logged into Amazon Kindle on Android, the sychronization does not appear that book but other books.

So, I clicked that book again “BUY NOW WITH 1-CLICK”.

Tried to download the book. Refreshed. It didn’t work. So, I tried to buy again “BUY NOW WITH 1-CLICK”.

On Website, One time bought. I checked email, no receipt.

On Android Amazon Kindle, Two times bought. So, total three times. No receipt sent to email.

On third time, the book was downloaded and able to read it.

Here’s the screenshot of the book purchased three times with three invoices.

So, before you buy an ebook on Amazon, you need to know this experience — the slow synchronization of Amazon Kindle.

After you bought, wait. Do not try to buy again.

That’s great that there is support chat live system you can contact at

The communication with customer in chat live is very sexy. But the actions as they said did not come. So, no refund comes after three days of bussiness.


Edited: They didn’t refund as they said in chatting from customer service.

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