Code formatting in UoPeople Moodle

There are two ways of showing your code in formatted style in UoPeople Moodle.

  1. HTML Ways
  2. Advanced Editor

The best way is HTML way. Here are hows:

Reply > Advanced
Click icon:Show advanced buttons > icon:HTML
Add your code between HTML tags: <pre>       </pre>
Click < > Icon again. You will see formatted code.


  • Don’t not append your code in Formatted Mode. Append your code in HTML mode.

This is HTML mode.

Add your existing code between these tags.

This is Formatted Mode.

Don’t add your remaining code in this mode.


Because you will experience unformatted ugly styles after you post to forum.

Like this:

Or, like this:

Second way is using Advanced Editor.

Select your code.
Click icon: Show Advanced > icon: A > Pre-formatted

And, this happens:

But I don’t recommend this way. Because sometimes it will appear unformatted after you posted it to forum.

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